Bodywork and Qigong

Integrating Eastern and Western Modalities


Integrating Eastern and Western Modalities

Holistic bodywork approaches each person on a muscular, emotional, and electrical level. Muscular sensation is caused by repetitive use, an accident, and postural habits. Emotions create holding in certain areas of the body as a safety mechanism. Our bodies run on electricity. Chinese call this Qi, or Chi. By approaching the body holistically as an observer, we dig a little deeper to change patterns of movement for the better. 

Bodywork for You

Throw the syllabus away. Your bodywork session begins with a blank slate. You express what would be helpful in a session and we'll work together to create  a feeling of effortless movement. A Qigong class may be inspired by the season, a mood, nature, your needs. 

My education has included Swedish Massage, Polarity, Shiatzu, Sports Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, and QiGong, but we won't limit our session to one technique. 

Every session is different because every person and every day is unique. Our greater goal is to create length and space in muscles and joints, in the mind, in the soul and encourage the movement of Chi, your body's electricity.   

Thai Yoga Massage

 Thai Yoga Massage takes place on a mat on the floor. The client wears comfortable clothing that they might wear to a workout or yoga class. The session includes a combination of yoga style stretching and compression. The Thai people call this "lazy man's yoga" because the therapist moves you in and out of stretches while using their hands, knees, feet, and elbows to apply compression.

Athletes find Thai Massage to be very beneficial because of the passive stretching and join mobilization

Table Massage

During a session on the table oils are applied to create warmth in muscle tissue. Stretches and joint mobilizations are also employed. Table massage is what most people think of when then picture massage therapy. I tell clients to breathe and watch from the inside out, creating a sense of mindfulness. Massage as meditation.

Tok-Sen Massage

Tok means "to tap", Sen refers to the energy channels within the body. Wooden tools are used to rhythmically tap along channels  sending mechanical and sound vibrations deep in to the fascia, tendons and muscles, clearing blockages.

Tok-Sen is a traditional massage technique that originated in Northern Thailand thousands of years ago. It predates even Thai-Yoga Traditional Massage. 

QiGong Lessons and Classes


pronounced Chi Kung is a system utilizing slow rhythmic movements and breathing to cultivate, disperse and move Chi through the body. After a session you will feel relaxed, balanced, focused and renewed. 

Chi, the body's  electricity moves through channels in the body called Meridians. Chi moves differently depending on the seasons, the time of day, or because of our emotional state. 

Using Qigong we find balance both in body and mind. 

Arvada, Colorado

I'm located in Arvada Colorado, a suburb of Denver.